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Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson- !Agree to disagree

IWM# 3622

3:51 minutes (3.39 MB)

"Agree to disagree"
Chorus: D7 A7 G
D7 A G
WHy can't we just
Agree to disagree
Don't have to be best friends
If we have major differences
Still could walk away with dignity

TeddyG's picture

Every Road

IWM# 3580

4:32 minutes (4.16 MB)

Another sun goes down another rising moon

I'm thinking of you now and how I left too soon
Too many miles of road to be with you tonight

TeddyG's picture

Unfinished Lives

IWM# 3387

4:30 minutes (4.12 MB)

He said, I'll see you later and drove on into town
It was just another Wednesday till the world came tumbling down
Now he'll never watch his kids grow tall or teach them how to throw a ball

richb's picture

Blue Skies

IWM# 3159

0:44 minutes (692.16 KB)

Blue Skies
from the collection, TV cues.
Featured on NAtional Geographics Alaska Wing Man series
Episode- Deadly Skies

richb's picture

Open Sky

IWM# 3158

0:36 minutes (567.39 KB)

Open Sky
from the collection of TV cues.
featured on Saturday Night Live Lindsey Lohan/Jack White episode Air date 3/3/2012

Black Atticus's picture

Love Blade True

IWM# 2882

Oh Girl Your Love's Like,
Love's like a Steel Knife,
Running Me Through,
Sweet Baby You-You

Unsheathe Your Sword Bright
Reflecting Moon Light
Your Blade is True-Hoo-Ly Smooth,

Black Atticus's picture

Black Atticus - Feeling like I AM

IWM# 2867

4:21 minutes (7.97 MB)

Feeling good,
feeling like I feel, I AM
feeling fine
feeling like I feel, I AM

Flow to the hearts beat
rhymes flyer than star fleet
they nail gunned the name the marquee

rogueatdy's picture

Walking that line to No-Where

IWM# 2788

2:16 minutes (2.08 MB)

Walk'in that line to no-where,
Brother,getting lost is as easy as breathing in the air
Once your lost how hard it is,
To find that hidden side street that'll point ya toward somewhere

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