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Nyal Lee Cline III? - Rising 4.27.13?

IWM# 3340

6:17 minutes (14.37 MB)

Have you heard, the water's rising? Choking down our foolish pride. Things ain't the way they used to be...

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IWM# 2561

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My Little Grilfriend

IWM# 1442

Verse 1:

My little old heart has a little widow.
It started with a seed.
That seed is growing to increese our love;
that we like to share.

Verse 2:

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Rock The House Down!

IWM# 1207

People start ask'n;
I don't know how many places are in this world!
the telephone starts numbers.
I've been trying not to flay!
I can't beleive I'm crazy;
no more....

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I love Emo Boys

IWM# 1138

"I love Emo Boys"
Jericha Clark

You don't know how much it hurts to be me
I'm the girl with the broken smile
Nobody wants to see
If I close my eyes forever, will I erase the pain?

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What am I doing Wrong?!?

IWM# 1117

Every day, I feel the rain falling down (Down, Down))
Every beautiful morning, I get tossed around (Around, Around)
Every second I'm covered with grey skies
Just cause I'm not what they like

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Screaming Bullet

IWM# 1116

Listen, I think our love is falling
A little chance we could save us
I just can't stop sobbing
Look at what it did to us

Were just gonna let go of our memories

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On My Own

IWM# 957

I have to grow up, all by myself
Can't find no other help
There ain't gonna be anybody else
To try to help me out
Every one is always having fun
When I'm living in hell

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