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oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"All Alone and Lonely"

IWM# 3628

Drifting in and out of consciousness

i can't even sit up straight

In a sea of loneliness

trying to make it thru the night

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson- !Agree to disagree

IWM# 3622

3:51 minutes (3.39 MB)

"Agree to disagree"
Chorus: D7 A7 G
D7 A G
WHy can't we just
Agree to disagree
Don't have to be best friends
If we have major differences
Still could walk away with dignity

Yuli's picture

!Yuli Johnson - !There's nothing like Asheville

IWM# 3597

2:50 minutes (2.6 MB)

Thought I was just passing through
Didn’t know what I was getting myself into
When I arrived, parked down the Battle Square
Walked over to Page and Haywood right there

TeddyG's picture

I'm Glad You Called

IWM# 3581

4:34 minutes (4.19 MB)

You say you need to tell me somethin’

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Ain't That A Kick To The Head"

IWM# 3556

There's another way of dying

that I did not know about

And it's caused by someone lying

and breaking somebody's heart

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"That"s What The Lonely Do"

IWM# 3548

Well..I'm sitting here..drinking beer..watching girls walk by time drags by..I want to die..all I do is sigh.......Just trying to survive..


oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Tears In My Eyes"

IWM# 3509


My heart and I...don't want to cry

we're losing you that's why we're blue

But when we see you walking by

Tears in my eyes...but I don't cry

TeddyG's picture

Big Coyote

IWM# 3459

4:42 minutes (4.31 MB)

Big coyote sits alone in the moonlight
Doesn’t mind bein’ alone and howlin’ at the moon

Big coyote don’t take no direction
He just goes any way he wants following the moon

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