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embers's picture

Foreign Land

IWM# 3252

4:15 minutes (7.8 MB)

Laying in my bed hear the shots, bum bum bum,
followed by the screams call the cops 911
walk down the block on the ground someone's son
bleeding out on the street tell the ambulance come

wrightaaron's picture

Hold of Me

IWM# 3027

2:43 minutes (41.02 MB)

something gotta hold of me
changed my life
i dont ever want to be the same again
feels like music in your soul
once you get a hold of it can't let go

wrightaaron's picture


IWM# 3012

3:38 minutes (3.33 MB)

ive been waiting such a long long time
waiting seems like most of my life
i know you hear me when i call your name
devils in my ear saying things will never change

wrightaaron's picture


IWM# 2979

4:42 minutes (5.38 MB)

birds are singing birds are singing out today
angels sing along a special song for my pain
yesterdays rain has come and gone
those storm clouds have rolled away
when the night the time comes

wrightaaron's picture

Made New

IWM# 2978

3:31 minutes (4.03 MB)

in the middle of the flood
and the strong winds
oh life is seeming rough
drowning in your own sins
feeling out of luck, thinking its an omen
what you really need is love

il_pcn's picture

Hey Darling by YizzeHefziba

IWM# 2970

Hey, darling
Where is your lover?
Where is he going?
Is he safe?
Hey, mother
Where is your child?
Don’t let them be taken
Don’t let them be lost


il_pcn's picture

Need Someone by YizzeHefziba

IWM# 2969

You’re saying you’re alone, what do you mean?
That no one’s ever seen what you have seen
That no one’s ever been by your side
You’ve been alone throughout the night
You need someone

wrightaaron's picture

Better Man

IWM# 2968

3:53 minutes (4.46 MB)

covered by the blood of my lord
covered by the blood of my lord
jesus surely saved my soul
covered by the blood of m lord
as i walk through the valley of death

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