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Ryan McReynolds - Charles Martel

IWM# 3574

1:52 minutes (1.71 MB)

1st verse
Europe's hero wasn't so odd
Guided straight by the hand of God
He knew what he needed to do
Because he could see all the clues

Charles Martel was a brave man

rpm1978's picture

Ryan McReynolds - Jesus Is Coming

IWM# 3486

2:34 minutes (2.36 MB)

1st verse
I know the days seem so gloomy
On a planet full of loonies
But better days are straight ahead
I know that this needs to be said

Jesus is coming back to earth

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"A Sea Of Love"

IWM# 3458

Working everyday/just to make ends meet

life gets in the way/making Angels mean

Saying words that hurt/feeling pressured in

il_pcn's picture

Seventh Day

IWM# 3323

Behind the emotionless face
There's a four year-old girl who only wants to escape
You could call it a lie that they've been living
Since the firstborn arrived

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture

"Blinding Light That Enlightens"

IWM# 3277

Blinded by a light of love
I can see it clearly Wow
it's a light from up
indicating thats it's now
Time to raise your voice in praise

embers's picture

Take Me Away

IWM# 3256

3:51 minutes (7.06 MB)

My God, she was innocent, looken at a child who was stolen by a syndicate, looken at her now, in her eyes, you couldn't see a soul, with no control, it is sick, how far a man will go, can't take it,

embers's picture

Turning The Lights On

IWM# 3255

5:49 minutes (10.64 MB)

Did you ever think it'd be this way probably not,
If I knew then what I knew now I think I'd probably stop,
Than again why would I stop, truth is I do it today,

embers's picture

Ignorance Ain't Bliss

IWM# 3254

4:42 minutes (8.62 MB)

From what I've heard I been hurt so many times
Sometimes I rather just be blind
This is why they say

In a world such as this ignorance is bliss, If I don't know about it than it doesn't exist,

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