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Ryan McReynolds - I Know We're In The Latter Days

IWM# 3654

1st verse
I can see the debauchery
I can see mankind's wicked deeds
Decay of values and morals
Opening the devils portals

I know we're in the latter days

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Ryan McReynolds - Debauchery

IWM# 3653

1st verse
Why have we forsaken the Lord?
Why did we choose to give him scorn?
Why do we violate his laws
And let great evil be installed.

Debauchery plaguing this land

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Ryan McReynolds - W.C.T.W.O.M.

IWM# 3645

1st verse
Won't support the death of babies
They've been clipped from some young ladies
Suffocation so disgusting
Moloch's ways have left us rusing

Won't convert to ways of Moloch

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Ryan McReynolds - Final Day

IWM# 3641

Final Day
Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
I knew this day was gonna come
And now this day has just begun
Did you accept or reject Christ
Are you saved or paying a price

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Ryan McReynolds - Revelation 22:1-16

IWM# 3616

2:54 minutes (2.66 MB)

The words are in the King James version of the Book of Revelation

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Ryan McReynolds - Jesus Has Returned

IWM# 3615

2:49 minutes (2.58 MB)

Jesus has returned
Time for eternal bliss
Jesus has returned
This event can't be missed

A beautiful sight to see
As he takes the pain away
Our souls have been set free

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Ryan McReynolds - The Souls Of Them

IWM# 3614

2:16 minutes (2.08 MB)

1st verse
The saints of God refuse to bow
To the harshest demands right now
Accept the mark or you'll be killed
All this blood is ready to spill

I have seen all the souls of them

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Ryan McReynolds - The Number Of The Beast

IWM# 3613

2:12 minutes (2.01 MB)

1st verse
The prince was killed, now he's risen
He's called for masses to listen
He is displaying his mighty rod
Sitting in the Temple of God

No man's allowed to buy or sell

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