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Where do you Turn

IWM# 3034

1:04 minutes (1006.17 KB)

Where do you turn? where do you turn?
Where do you turn? when this world bears down
Where do you turn? when theres no-one around
Travling through life baby dancing on shells

Yuli's picture

All I wanna do ( draft) © 03.05.2012 Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 3030

"All I want to do " © 03.06.2012 Yuliya Johnson

All I wanna do is daydream of you
All I wanna do is think of making love to you > 2

Verse 1:

alexygray's picture

A Dream

IWM# 3025

1st verse:
Last Saturday he said the worst thing to me. He said that I really love you but there’s someone else for me.

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!Yuliya Johnson- !Foggy morning (draft)

IWM# 3021

3:43 minutes (5.1 MB)

Foggy morning ©02.28.2012 Yuliya Johnson

Verse 1:
Gb A
This foggy morning
Your image lingers in my head
Your mesmerizing eyes
Could they be a true reflection of your soul?

Yuli's picture

"Dream of us" The shortened version © Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 3016

"Dream of Us" (shortened version) © Yuliya Johnson
F d
Verse 1:
I still think about the way you looked into my eyes
Its almost been 4 years
Since I had seen that rugged face of yours

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Here I Come

IWM# 3015

1:36 minutes (1.47 MB)

I found me some, yea but i wanted much more
Like any hazy dazy day down by the jersey shore
I saw you standing there, and baby love ain't blind

Yuli's picture

This pen and paper Draft© Yuliya Johnson

IWM# 3000

Hope you are happy now as everyone knows your story
I am the one on the other hand
Who has been biting her tongue
Trying hard not to write any bitter lyrics about you

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Oh R Bee - Dance Party Anthem (Feat. JC)

IWM# 2987

Oh R Bee
JC yo!
Dance Party Anthem
C'mon let's go!

Oh R Bee:
In the club
Every single weekend
All my money there is alwas being spent
Half the time I can't even pay rent

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