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Malaya Mai - Twistin'

IWM# 2488

3:33 minutes (5.66 MB)

I'm on to you, Lies are on your lips
So sugar sweet, But look at my label do not wring or twist

Twistin, twistin the truth
Callin' it fresh when you know it's no good
Twistin, twistin the truth
I'm not a fool, I can see right through you

Twistin, twistin the truth
Try it on me 'cause I've seen that one, too.
Twistin, twistin the truth
I'm sheisty like you, so don't bother, it's no use

malayamai's picture

Malaya Mai - Secret Agent

IWM# 2344

3:40 minutes (8.38 MB)

Secret Agent Love,
You push his envelope a bit too much
Words so sweet seem true
They'll only serve to self-destruct on you

Don't you fall for that trap again, Love

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Malaya Mai - 1 Thing

IWM# 1834

3:58 minutes (9.1 MB)

Ah. Yeah.
Ah. Uh uh.
Ah. Yeah.
So get a load if this...

I was walking down the street
Passed the whoo whoos and the whistles
This guy looked krispy clean
So off I went to kizzle Jizzle

malayamai's picture

Malaya Mai - Miss Hyde

IWM# 3177


Don't be afraid of me
You'll do just fine
I may look evil
But I feel good inside

I'm not the girl I was
The new me's arrived
I've got a hot hot potion

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !My Sweet Jack

IWM# 3180

3:19 minutes (3.05 MB)

"My Sweet Jack"©07.31.2012 Yuliya Johnson

G7 F7
Met up at Starbucks
Tea & Lemon pie
Walking hand in hand
Talking music
That was Jack and I
Now there's a new man

malayamai's picture

Malaya Mai - Flip The Coin

IWM# 917

3:10 minutes (7.27 MB)

You're lookin' mighty fine
What's your number can I call you up
I'm not like the other girls
I know exactly what I want

Like a deer in my headlights
Fight or flight, baby, don't be stunned.
And lookin' like it's the Cali state
Lottery that you won

Don't be scared baby
I'll show you how it's done
Put your hands in mine
I'll show you real fun
You're like a stop sign
Can't pass you up
Let me flip this coin
Heads you lose
Tails I win this one

I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you
I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you
I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you
I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !a little bit of free styling :)

IWM# 3162

0:54 minutes (852.29 KB)

Don't tell me you love me
Don't tell me you care
Cause I just wanna want you for a whole year
No, I don't wanna be satisfied
I just want you to blow my mind
They say that
Everything fades away

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Wrap me up in your arms (first draft :)

IWM# 3161

5:35 minutes (5.11 MB)

Chorus: E C7 F a
Wrap me up in your arms baby>2
Maybe I will stay
Wrap me up in your arms baby>2
Like it's a holiday
Wrap me up in your arms baby>3
D F: In your arms, I wanna stay

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