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!Yuli Johnson - !St. Patrick's Day

IWM# 3430

2:17 minutes (2.1 MB)

Bb Eb
Got some old flowers on my window shelf
I gotta throw them out
But they're so green
And it's St.Patty's Day
Just wish I could only love
A man who wants to give me everything

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!Yuli Johnson - !These words

IWM# 3420

4:24 minutes (4.03 MB)

"These words"
C F7
Searching for my escape
This is not where I belong
You don't understand
The tears I've cried
The differences between you and I
They will never fade away

malayamai's picture

Malaya Mai - Addicted

IWM# 2981

4:26 minutes (6.1 MB)

The ocean's so big
There are sharks in the ocean
Our boat is so small
There are sharks in the ocean
Let's all take a swim 
There are sharks in the ocean
Come on let's join in!

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!Yuli Johnson - !These words

IWM# 3417

5:05 minutes (4.66 MB)

Coming soon............................Coming soon...........coming soon........Coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon

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!Yuli - !Can I ? (updated version)

IWM# 3416

2:53 minutes (2.64 MB)

The depth of this infatuation
The depth of this romance
Has got the best of my attention
And I am where I always wanted to be

Can I be falling for you
Can I , can I

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson- !Paint my own picture

IWM# 3402

3:06 minutes (2.84 MB)

F Cm with the 5th fret on the last string
When we first began, thought you were so nice
As if you'd do anythiing, but I had no idea
It was all just to win me like nothing more than just
A prize

Yuli's picture

!Yuli - !You are the best

IWM# 3398

3:42 minutes (3.39 MB)

C G7
In your eyes I saw the light
A future filled with love
Long conversations into the night
Morning flirtations
wishing I could spend forever in your sight

Yuli's picture

!Yuliya Johnson - !Find yourself another project

IWM# 3370

3:06 minutes (2.85 MB)

Bb Eb
I cut my hair the way I wanna
I color it the way I like
I was never asking your opinion
Cause this is my life
I take care of my health how I wanna

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