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"Seems Like Only Yesterday"

IWM# 3617

Bluebird why are you so blue

Did they break your heart in two

Someone broke my poor heart too

now I'm more bluer than you

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"I Need A Friend"

IWM# 3555


It's pouring down outside

lightning lighting up the sky

Salty tears I try to hide

But I can not though I try

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"Cerraste Puertas Quemaste Puentes"

IWM# 3547

El arrullo del olvido son anhelos y suspiros

que mueren poco a poquito dejandote en el pasado

La cancion que te desperta como una cachetada

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"Heaven Twenty-Four Seven"

IWM# 3546

I was as lonely as one

laying alone on the sand

watching couple hand in hand

I was a lonely young man


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"Everyone Knows,Everyone Cries"

IWM# 3471

Don't let them tell you otherwise...Everyone knows everyone cries

People will swear up to the sky,that they have never ever cried

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Critters Of The Night"

IWM# 3455

Halloween is on the scene,the midnight hour has


Goosebumps crawl upon your skin,as your senses come


waiting for the celebration,for your souls

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"Baby Blue Eyes"

IWM# 3454

Here she comes again,this is the third time,I think

she knows she's been on my mind

Could be just me,wishful thinking maybe,but I sure

do wish she was my Baby

oscar sotuyo sr.'s picture


IWM# 3453


Thunder lighting balls of fire,boiling passion of


Want emerging from your pores,what are than you

waiting for

Don't let your want,drive you insane,love will get

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