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Spoken Word

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IWM# 3250


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My New Album (coming out on iTunes this June!)

IWM# 3014

Hey! So, I'll be coming out with my new album Sad Stupidity in June 2012! Before the album comes out as music, I'll be coming out with the lyrics. See YA!!!

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All these Dreams

IWM# 2885

All these dreams I got, I got
Seem so very far, very far, very far,
But I won't stop, won't sleep, no way (no way)
Til I'm where they are, where they are, where they are

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This is NOT a Black History Poem

IWM# 2883

Should I write a black history poem?!
I mean...
What the hell should a Black History Poem Do?
What it should it sounds like, and why should i write it?

Should it be a Spike Lee Collage

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Love Blade True

IWM# 2882

Oh Girl Your Love's Like,
Love's like a Steel Knife,
Running Me Through,
Sweet Baby You-You

Unsheathe Your Sword Bright
Reflecting Moon Light
Your Blade is True-Hoo-Ly Smooth,

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Black Atticus - Feeling like I AM

IWM# 2867

4:21 minutes (7.97 MB)

Feeling good,
feeling like I feel, I AM
feeling fine
feeling like I feel, I AM

Flow to the hearts beat
rhymes flyer than star fleet
they nail gunned the name the marquee

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!Yuli - !Someone else © 10.01.2011

IWM# 2878

4:51 minutes (4.45 MB)


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!Yuliya Johnson- !Kinder Heart

IWM# 2503

5:02 minutes (4.62 MB)

There's never gonna be anything like our love
That much I know
But I can't keep on holding on
To these memories that make me cry
I gotta keep on moving on
I wish the same for you

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