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Indie Rock

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Ryan McReynolds - Seem Weird

IWM# 3651

1st verse
I know the path of suffering
The feelings of being ignored
I understand the rejection
The slamming of the open doors

I know how it feels to seem weird

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Ryan McReynolds - Thickheaded

IWM# 3650

1st verse
You act like you own everything
Great misery you love to bring
You showed a lady no respect
You've put your life into a wreck

Why you have to be thickheaded?

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Ryan McReynolds - Controlled By (A Bossy Betty)

IWM# 3649

1st verse
A female dog controls your mind
The things she does are so unkind
You've been confined to her bubble
She'll put you through lots of trouble


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Ryan McReynolds - You Can't Swallow My Decision

IWM# 3648

1st verse
Tried to tell me what I should be
Your bad advice I just don't need
I have already made my choice
So don't you make me raise my voice

You can't swallow my decision

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Ryan McReynolds - I'll Post What I Want

IWM# 3647

1st verse
I know you hate the things I post
I know you wish that I was toast
I know you hate the things I say
I know you wish I'd go away


2nd verse
I know you hate the way I sing

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Ryan McReynolds - Move To North Korea

IWM# 3646

1st verse
You like to gripe and moan a lot
because you failed your evil plots
You complain like ev'rything's bad
You act so pathetic and sad

Hope you move to North Korea

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Ryan McReynolds - We Auties

IWM# 3644

We Auties
Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
You treat us like we have no brain
You think of us as major pains
You act like we don't hear your words

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Ryan McReynolds - My Point Of View

IWM# 3643

My Points of View
Words and Music by
Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
You need to sit on the crapper
And turn off your dirty lantern
You cannot try to change my mind

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