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Indie Rock

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Ryan McReynolds - Young You Were

IWM# 3659

1st verse
Trying To find the right words
After the sad news I heard
I know that you've left the Earth
Now begins eternal birth

Innocent and young you were

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Ryan McReynolds - You Told Lies

IWM# 3658

1st verse
I can smell the hate spewed at me
You're vicious like a killer bee
A Massive jerk is what you are
You really belong behind bars

Why do you accuse me of junk?

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Ryan McReynolds - Meet On The Other Side

IWM# 3656

1st verse
Possessed name of Adam's good son
I know the battle wasn't fun
I'm sorry that you dealt with pain
But your memory shall remain

I know the process has been stamp'd

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Ryan McReynolds - What I Deserved

IWM# 3655

1st verse
I realize the crime that I've done
I'm not feeling the need to run
The consequences I must face
I have accepted this short fate

I know I got what I deserved

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Ryan McReynolds - Seem Weird

IWM# 3651

1st verse
I know the path of suffering
The feelings of being ignored
I understand the rejection
The slamming of the open doors

I know how it feels to seem weird

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Ryan McReynolds - Thickheaded

IWM# 3650

1st verse
You act like you own everything
Great misery you love to bring
You showed a lady no respect
You've put your life into a wreck

Why you have to be thickheaded?

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Ryan McReynolds - Controlled By (A Bossy Betty)

IWM# 3649

1st verse
A female dog controls your mind
The things she does are so unkind
You've been confined to her bubble
She'll put you through lots of trouble


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Ryan McReynolds - You Can't Swallow My Decision

IWM# 3648

1st verse
Tried to tell me what I should be
Your bad advice I just don't need
I have already made my choice
So don't you make me raise my voice

You can't swallow my decision

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