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Indie Rock

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Ryan McReynolds - Saw My Needs

IWM# 3407

1:43 minutes (1.57 MB)

Saw My Needs
Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

Thank you for caring about me
Helping me when I was in need
You saw that I cried out for help
You care if I behave myself


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Ryan McReynolds - Neglect

IWM# 3406

1:46 minutes (1.61 MB)

Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

I was born but you ignored me
Paid no attention to my needs
Didn't give me a decent bed
Tell me what is wrong with your head


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Ryan McReynolds - Did You Ever Love Me At All? (For Caylee Anthony)

IWM# 3405

1:53 minutes (1.73 MB)

Did You Ever Love Me At All?
Words and Music by Ryan McReynolds

You partied when I was gone
Can you tell me what went wrong?
Did you ever care for me?
In the life you chose to lead


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Ryan McReynolds - I'm Autistic and Not Ashamed Of It

IWM# 3384

1:32 minutes (1.41 MB)

I'm not ashamed of who I am
I won't be full of self hatred
I won't wish for my destruction
No matter what mean words are said

I'm autistic and not ashamed

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Ryan McReynolds - So What

IWM# 3392

2:01 minutes (1.85 MB)

I may seem hyper but who care
I may be giving a blank state

But why do you care what I do?
It ain't like it's killing you

You say you hate my hand flaps
But I won't listen to your trap

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Ryan McReynolds - Won't Break Me

IWM# 3391

2:32 minutes (2.33 MB)

Don't act like I have no feelings
Don't give me no dirty dealings
Don't try to cut me down at all
Or else i'll make you face the wall

You're never gonna break me now

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Ryan McReynolds - Never Gonna Cut Me Down

IWM# 3383

2:26 minutes (2.23 MB)

You hate that I have the courage
It's me you wanna discourage
I don't have to listen to you
When you've nothing better to do

You're never gonna cut me down

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Ryan McReynolds - Don't Tell Me

IWM# 3386

1:40 minutes (1.54 MB)

You're not my commander
Don't give me your anger
You're not my Queen or King
Don't tell me not to sing

Don't tell me what to do
I won't listen to you
I'm gonna stand my ground

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