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Indie Rock

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Ryan McReynolds - Take Our Nation Back

IWM# 3484

1:53 minutes (2.72 MB)

1st verse
It's time to stand up for the truth
The time has come for us to fight
The time has come to stand our ground
Time to stand up for what is right


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Ryan McReynolds - Relics On Sale

IWM# 3483

2:35 minutes (3.35 MB)

1st verse
The masses bow to relics
Praying to statues of saints
People are feeling real sick
Hell's image made them all faint

The relics are on sale
Salvation's put on sale

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Ryan McReynolds - I Don't Have To Listen To You

IWM# 3482

2:05 minutes (2.9 MB)

1st verse
Called me a jerk but I don't care
I helped you out in your despair
But then you turned your back on me
When you friend did her ugly deed

I don't have to listen to you

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Ryan McReynolds - Evil Without A Clue

IWM# 3472

2:15 minutes (2.07 MB)

Evil without a Clue
words and music by Ryan McReynolds

1st verse
You claim you want sympathy
You'll never get it from me
A self serving abuser
I wonder when you will learn


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Ryan McReynolds - Are You Really The One For Me?

IWM# 3470

2:02 minutes (1.87 MB)

1st verse
Are we both right for each other?
Does God want us to be lovers?
What does the Lord intend for us?
We gotta give him all our trust

I Look Forward To Meeting You

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Ryan McReynolds - Issy's Song

IWM# 3467

1:45 minutes (1.6 MB)

1st verse
Issy I think you're wonderful
I know there's a lot you can do
Issy I think you're beautiful
I hope better days come for you

I know that you have lots to gain

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Ryan McReynolds - Under A Curse

IWM# 3433

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

1st verse

A good man fights for your freedom
A freedom that you don't deserve
Killed his family then you run
After you left bodies to burn

You're a very ungrateful man

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Ryan McReynolds - Dark Road

IWM# 3432

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

1st verse

You kicked God right out of a church
Congregation placed in the lurch
Struck the Shepherd in awful time
God forgive you for awful crime

You follow the Father of lies

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