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Indie Rock

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Ryan McReynolds - Life Of Crime

IWM# 3578

2:32 minutes (2.32 MB)

1st verse
Not gonna lead a life of crime
Not gonna be reduced to slime
I don't care if you're gonna laugh
God wants me on a better path

Jesus don't want me selling drugs

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Ryan McReynolds - The One With The Problem Is You

IWM# 3575

3:03 minutes (2.79 MB)

1st verse
You claim there's something wrong with me
Called me a liability
You don't really know me at all
But I'm gonna choose to stand tall

The one with the problem is you

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Ryan McReynolds - Paris

IWM# 3572

3:03 minutes (2.8 MB)

1st verse
You thought that you were very smart
When I know that you have no heart
Murdering loads of innocents
Your wicked deeds just make no sense

You chose to attack Paris, France

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Ryan McReynolds - Cold Outside

IWM# 3571

2:19 minutes (2.13 MB)

1st verse
Traveling straight down this snowy road
Outside is feeling very cold
Traveling down for the holidays
I'm gonna see my family

It's feeling very cold outside

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Ryan McReynolds - Sweet Nadya

IWM# 3552

1:54 minutes (2.2 MB)

Dear Nadya what more can I say
I write this song for you today
I know that you are very smart
You also have a real good heart

Sweet Nadya you treat me so well

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Ryan McReynolds - Little Bug

IWM# 3551

1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

Swear at me and calling me names
I'm tired of your dirty games
I know that you are very bored
I'm gonna toss you out the door

Leave me alone you little bug

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Ryan McReynolds - The Armenian Genocide

IWM# 3508

1:43 minutes (1.57 MB)

1st verse
One century ago today
Wicked ones plot some dirty play
Murdering loads of innocents
The reasons why never made sense

The Armenian genocide
Such a damn wicked homicide

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Ryan McReynolds - The Flames Are Hot

IWM# 3496

3:17 minutes (3.01 MB)

1st verse
They were warned but didn't listen
Freedom and bliss they are missing
Molten lava bursting so high
I can hear the damned scream and cry

The flames are hot the smoke ascends

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