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Indie Rock

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IWM# 465

->My heart was broken because beneath it all i thought we were friends,
but it was me in the first place, when will this naivety end,

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IWM# 427

7:58 minutes (7.3 MB)
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Not Without Music

IWM# 360
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0:03 minutes (50.17 KB)

You're the biggest whore
That I've ever met
But I still can't say
Can't say I regret
All the times we made
Experience that
We know will teach us
We know will teach us

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Fall Away " I dont want to Fall Away"

IWM# 236

3:12 minutes (2.94 MB)

Dont want to fall away from you
Cause Loving you
Is what I..m here to do

I dont want to fall away
From you
Cause loving you
Is what gets me through

Dont let me lose sight of you

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Freight train by Nyal Cline III

IWM# 149

3:01 minutes (3.45 MB)

you know you wanna save her, but you find out later that she's already gone...

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IWM# 80

This is a Song I wrote called Serendipity

This world has changed into a place
Where love is purely based on a pretty face
But I don't agree I'd say that True Beauty

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