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Indie Rock

september.evergreen.'s picture

A smile

IWM# 1889

When I met you
you did everything you could
you were so cliché
you took my breath away
Made my voice shake to speak
Made me laugh with ease
Gorgeous you are

september.evergreen.'s picture


IWM# 1888

Searching all around
through doors
and closed corridors
finding all sorts of things
I never expected to
like Medusa with her snakes
unleashed and all around
the walkways

september.evergreen.'s picture

The worm

IWM# 1887

You talk
you walk
around all day
from one gray box to
another black one
through doors that spin and split in two
you speed
don't stop to read
don't stop to see
walked right on by

HedlundMusic's picture

To Love you

IWM# 1882

"To Love You"

I never though
I could break your heart
Steal your smile
And I wouldn't

I'd hate for you to hate me
But I'd still love you baby
Before it's too late I'd say

aaronkappel's picture

A Mermaid's Tale

IWM# 1815

4:35 minutes (4.3 MB)

My Icarus so beautiful oh if only I could walk
Your father could fashion me some legs together we could live
You laughed at me and called me foolish and very cruelly baulked

FlowerMysteries's picture

Here Stands Fantasy

IWM# 1797

I once went to a place—where I could see the—stars. They were so perfect—and I could sense—there was a place—where I felt so safe.—the warmth, the love, all right here—with you.

bishop's picture

billy - Next Exit

IWM# 1701

3:39 minutes (8.51 MB)

recorded and mixed at merlin studios 1994.
engineered by neal vanderhoof.

Daxam's picture

Bury Me In Lies

IWM# 1509

My hopes are shattered
And my dreams a wreck
My Body is battered
I fear I'm about to break.
(Or Maybe I Already Have)

So bury me,
In the hole I've dug myself.
And fill it up,

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