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Indie Rock

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The Poet

IWM# 1969

She said in an old note
from a few years back
I opened it again
reading the lines written:

I could hear your voice
every tone
reading right in my head
You said I'm yours and it's

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The Finish

IWM# 1927

The drugs raced through my body
kept my head spinning and my mind running
feeling like I'm about to slip away again
slip into the conscious coma I had
finally shaken, thousands of things racing

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Tu me manques

IWM# 1903

Had you here tonight
brought you where
you hadn't been
in so damn long
it's been a half year
As I drove home the
second time across open
fields and city lines
Full moon back lighting

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The Cell Broke Free

IWM# 1890

I sat under my sheets
stunned, I watched
The sunlight align
In rows separated by shadows
On my wall
And then a rhythm is thrown in my head and
The trees sway and cause shadows
in the light

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A smile

IWM# 1889

When I met you
you did everything you could
you were so cliché
you took my breath away
Made my voice shake to speak
Made me laugh with ease
Gorgeous you are

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IWM# 1888

Searching all around
through doors
and closed corridors
finding all sorts of things
I never expected to
like Medusa with her snakes
unleashed and all around
the walkways

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The worm

IWM# 1887

You talk
you walk
around all day
from one gray box to
another black one
through doors that spin and split in two
you speed
don't stop to read
don't stop to see
walked right on by

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To Love you

IWM# 1882

"To Love You"

I never though
I could break your heart
Steal your smile
And I wouldn't

I'd hate for you to hate me
But I'd still love you baby
Before it's too late I'd say

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