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One More Word

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IWM# 998

IWM serial ID: 00998

Like every other fairy tale
This story must have an end
When it finally has arrived
A new chapter can begin
Happy endings do exist if
You look to new beginnings
Another chance to start again
And kick what you’ve been feeling
One more word left to say
One more sentiment locked away
Eyes so cold dispensing rain
Time reflected in the face
Lips deliberately parted
Inviting you to taste what’s started
Unsteady steps inching closer
Letting go of what slows them down
Fingers reaching for a simple touch
Tingling sensations left behind
Pulling closer what comes to mind
An emptiness not made by pain
More like a canvas bare of color
Let the artist begin to paint
Waiting to see what can be created
Skin so warm it melts the past
Fading feelings that used to reign
Opening windows and unlocking doors
Illuminating what eyes could never see
Sensations that leave new wetness
And a trembling in the knees
Weakness never felt so safe
Finding strength in letting go
Breathing growing heavier
Whispers turn into words
Bodies becoming tangled
Like rope dissolved to string
Mouths tasting sweet dessert
Hunger becoming quenched
A thirst that’s not denied
Rhythm growing steadier
Timing that fills in space
Explosions of perfection
Pleasure created stillness
With just one more word to say
This story has found it’s end
(Another chance to start again!)

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right back at ya! your music is the best! you are the best at writing music. PEACE OUT HOMEYS!!!!!!!!!


I wish you did too! lol I love writing! I am so greatful that their are people who appreciate it. :D


wow. I wish i had money to comission you . lol


This one is my favorite out of everything I have ever written! :)


You even read it again here! Wow! :D


You already know I love this one.

Thank you!

I am very flattered! You are very very amazing yourself! :D

silent-rage ~ one more word ~ AMAZING!!!

AMAZING!!!!! you always do such a fantastic job and your lyrics are so deep. i absolutely love your work.

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