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IWM# 991

IWM serial ID: 00991

Let me ask you something have you ever really loved someone?
No I mean have you ever really loved someone to the point of no return
A place in your heart where all you think about is that one particular person
No matter what they do, no matter what they say, your love for them is inescapable
Verse I:
From the moment we caught eyes it was no surprise
Baby girl down with me always by my side
Through thick or thin she be down to ride
When I need a cover up she my alibi
The way she struts when she walks dam she’s so fly
Got the bag on her side when its time to fly high
Baby girl tells the truth but she’s down to lie
You mess around with baby girl you kiss your ass good-bye
But anyways everybody flows, everybody knows O
Everybody shows dough, but not everybody goes so
We can do this any time you want son
But for now I dedicate this to my loved one…one
From the moment we caught eyes, I just had to have you
The way you make me feel inside, I realize this is what I need
Your love to set me free, from the things I couldn’t see
I couldn’t see, I can’t believe, how it could be, you and me, together eventually
Verse II:
From her hair to her eyes it’s no surprise
Why she’s being approached by all these other guys
She knows she has it all still smile’s when they call
But it doesn’t even faze her
Cause she only loves me
I couldn’t believe when we first met
That she would be my Juliet
And now that I have her
I couldn’t see me with no one else
It’s inescapable, irresistible totally unbelievable
How I went from having nothing to having all I ever wanted
It’s all because of you, you changed my life
It all started the first moment that we caught eyes
The feelings that I felt and what ran through my mind
I couldn’t even explain with words there were too hard to find
So listen to this song that we wrote for you
As my dog G. Q. comes in and pulls me through…

Written By: Elyano Nascimento
June 26, 2002 (All rights reserved)

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