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IWM# 989

IWM serial ID: 00989

Girl you’re selfish
I can’t believe you are
So selfish
You’re pushing me so far
Girl you’re selfish
As bad as you treat me
So selfish
With you why should I be
Verse I
Girl you got me crazy
And now I am so in love with you
And to be honest I’ve been thinking
For you there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
But sometimes you like push it
And you open up my eyes to you
I can’t believe you when you tell me
That everything’s ok, I just got played
You did it again to me…
Verse II
Now I’m so confused
Cause I don’t know what I’m suppose to do
I gave you my heart still it’s not enough
In all I do I feel like I’m a fool
Yeah love is crazy so they tell me
And I believe them cause I’m so consumed
Please tell me who are you what are you doing
Cause love is binding me, it’s blinding, and I can’t even see you
Girl you’re selfish, it’s all about you
Everything in life must revolve around you
Where ever we go, what ever we do
You don’t care about us it’s all about you
Whenever we talk it’s like I, I, I
I wonder if you even care about my, my, my
Feelings and thoughts, or what I like
Talk about something other than you we start to fight
Don’t you even wonder about how I feel
How I see life and what makes me ill
What turns me on or what turns me off
What back to you again uh un pause
Damn girl open your eyes
And realize there’s much more than you in life
And don’t get upset or be surprised
When you go to far and I tell you bye, iight
Why don’t you think about someone else for a change (2x)
Girl your so self-absorbent, self-indulgent, self-infatuated, self-centered, self-serving, conceited
No I ain’t done yet, egocentric, egotistical, narcissistic,
Got me clinching my fist cause your ignorant
Caught up with yourself, now you’re by yourself

Written By: Elyano Nascimento (Ending by singer)
July 26, 2002 (All rights reserved)

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