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Without You

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Without You
Verse I
The world’s not real, when your not here
Where have you gone, you’ve disappeared
I call on the telephone all it does is ring
Your never home, what sadness it brings
I can’t stand, the pain that I feel
You’re in my mind, but you’re not real

Verse II
Now here we are, so far apart
You took so much of me, now where do I start
I pray for the strength, just to make it through
I can’t picture life, without seeing you
You’ve torn my heart this much is true
Maybe someday, I’ll get over you

I don’t want to lose being with you
My time was fully consumed
Around all the things we used to do
But now it seems that time is all I have
I can’t believe that we didn’t last
I don’t know what I’m going to do
Without you

You fulfilled, all of my dreams
It was your love that had a hold on me
It’s like a chain, and I can’t break free
You mean so much to me

Written By: Elyano Nascimento
Spring of 2000 (All rights reserved)

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wow ur a grear song writter

wow ur a grear song writter i wish i can write like you i dont kno how bout u check it out my user name i s babygirllover15 im new i started aprial 16 09

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