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The Wildlife of Drugs

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The Wildlife of Drugs-

DEER, fellow HUMANS here's GNUS. A wild life of drugs will do more than bring the animal out in you. No BULL. Repeat it like a PARROT until your voice is HORSE. But don't say ABALONE, there's no denyin'. Of course I am a leo LION but I'm not a lyin to ya. So, no need for a SEAL of approval, just say I TOAD ya so.
I'm not GODWIT a mic explaining missing LYNX in life. Maybe predicting the future like RAVEN or a GROUNDHOG allright. Metaphorically speaking, it's my story of the TROUT that took the MINNOW & got hooked instead of fed. Simply put, you have to see what you're getting into unlike a SPIDER web beside your head.
Here, let this MANTELLA story with more POINTERS than a PORCUPINE to make u wise as an OWL real quick. Instead of goin APE over hits like FLIES on sh...something FOWL.
Unlike me, JOEY, LORY, BRITTANY and KATYDID at a party packed like SARDINES in a baby tin. They cherrished a certain leaf like a Canadian. Only HARRIER. From nighttime till morning hits there was enough KIWI green pouring in to make a PARASITES hot enough for SCORPIONS. They were movin weight like ANTS according to them. A key from Tim and a CHAETODON or to whoevers affording it. Like they're HARVESTMEN from CHIHUAHUA storing the hemp, I think they were forced to use a BOBCAT, a CATERPILLAR and a CRANE for hoarding it in and Santa and his REINDEER with a STORK for transporting the bricks. It was astounding how everyone BLUE JAYS like Newports or CAMELS around me. Everyones stoned as the SPHYNX so the scene wasn't jumpin like LEMURS. But it wasn't a BOAR either. Did the STINK BUG me enough to call it STINKPOT? Na, it wasn't MUSK I could BEAR it. Couldn't have BINTURONG that night. Planned on having a WHALE of a time. I had some YAK supplied. CARIBOU Lou. A pint of HEN and TOUCANS of beer on ice. I'm already feeling like a GOLDFISH in a bowl of SAKI that's spiked. So as a ROOK with CLAMmy hands in a COCKy stance I rubbed my CHIN and assumed the SOLE role of GUINEA PIG when I had the chance.
Hey I didn't wanna be CHICKEN just cool as a PENGUIN and GUAN and get as lifted as a KITE in the sky. O'CAIMAN, call me a DODO or LOON from the start cuz I knew soon, some would have more bones to pick with me than eating CARP with a spoon. But I was curious as a CAT with over half it's lives lost. Just had to be sly as a FOX with the lights off as I stuck my neck out like a GIRAFFE tryin not to get caught. The task of sneakin inside at 1:30 felt like the Pink PANTHER song should be playing. Moving at a SNAILS pace I was as silent as a G in the word GNAT tryin to be slick as a SALAMANDER navigating . I was blind as a BAT to the fact I'm coming back in my COUGAR looking like a RACOON in a mask with a REDSHANK, well I mean uhh guilty. I'm laughin no less than a KOOKABURRA or HYENA really. ORCAS my eyes felt as Chinese as a PANDA Express building. I guess you could of SMELT it on me unwilling. But I was struck feeling its the coolest thing. WALLABY damned I was so cut you'd guess I tried COATI against WOLVERINE.
I shouldn't have smoked any LANGUR after takin those hits. Shoulda GIBBON it up right then or let it TAPIR off so it's not a habit. Just a STINT. But, MAYFLIES by and JUNE BUGS me and I adapted to green better than a CHAMELEON that's fallen asleep on a SEAHAWKS jacket. In fact soon it would TIC me off not to breathe the fire like DRAGON spit. So SWIFT as a CHEETAH my habit multiplied like RABBITS' kids. Falling quick I didn't wanna quit getting lit like LIGHTNING BUGS till I'm 91 with HAIRSTREAKS and a WALKINGSTICK. Amazing huh? I could end up with DALMATION lungs. I mean I cared about my health but you wouldn't SEA CUCUMBERS on my face and stuff.
My POORWILL took its toll and I found the cost. I'll SKIMMER the ways I was at a loss. Eventually playing sports higher than the BRONCOS on STILTS became an ALBATROSS. Which means my talents lost. I'd FLOUNDER and just do it all wrong. Like BUNTING for a home run and WHIFFET. In other words all along I'm the BOXER who's quick to SEA STARS and SHINERS getting beat like a BONGO DRUM as often as ORIENTALS DUGONGS.
Slows me like a comma.
Before, my mind was like a CHAMOIS on CHROMIDE soak it up. Now mentally I'm PHOEBE off "Freinds". Physically I'm lazy as a SLOTH after I PERCH somewhere PUFFIN on marijuana starin off like an IGUANA. Up with the LARK? Ha, when it came to motivation MYNAH turned to mota vation. In fact before I took the night and RAPTOR on up there was no need for countin SHEEP jumps. That stank SKUNK had me snug like a dang BED BUG. Just to QUOLL outta bed 8 hours after the ROOSTER gave up.
Plus in addition with the fact I now have the memory of an ELEPHANT with Alzheimers, I get hungry as a MAMMOTH HIPPO wantin to CHOW down on GRUB more than HUSKY dude named CHUBS waitin' from the get go. Yeah get stuffed as a MALLARD as quick CATFISH can devour it. I wish I had the appitite selection of a GOAT because hey yo, with a GANDER in the kitchen, all I can make is a DAB of nothing atop a bacon on RHINO lettuce or tomato. In other words no I couldn't PIG out. Back then I should have stored food like a GERBIL with an overbite cuz a VULTURE could TURNSTONES and eat more with a hurt wing overnight. I could TRILOBITE of RHESUS while I snicker to myself feelin like a TURKEY. WAHOO! At least I had agua for COTTONMOUTH but SHEARWATER had me thinking I should become an Indian on a PRAIRIE DOG, and make my own ELK MOCCASINS under a tee pee with a TARPON. Start ya fire ADJUTANT and you're set to ride it out like Noah's ark. The only car I had, starts with double AA's like an AARDVARK.
Even working a 9 to 5 it's a mad war to go from SABLE to VIPER, PINTO to MUSTANG, or IMPALA to JAGUAR. Doesn't matter if you are behave like the dahli LLAMA, Jesus, Allah, or any other KOALA or the Tasmanian DEVIL. WETHER born big as an OX, or a SHRIMP 4 foot 2 short. It's level. Even if you're a MUNCHKIN you only have one life to live. Unless you have a SIAMESE twin.
Burnin green burns your green worse than a first degree so most BHARAL positive alternatives and peddle a drug as a way meddle BUCKS.
Several become or avoid JACKALS pullin stunts. Few hand their paycheck in on deals, make runs like GREYHOUND and not get anywhere like a HAMSTER on its wheel goin nuts. Some think it's more intimidating with a hood behind em like a COBRA to get grip like a BOA does. So they'll gang up repin whatever CARDINAL direction they came from.
It sounds fun but the game is not like Crash BANDICOOT or Sonic the HEDGEHOG with drugs. Playin It can be like GORILLA warfare when your bets out. True a TURTLE only gets ahead by stickin his neck out. But it's hard for 'em to get off the street like the ROADRUNNER when u wanna check out. Mess with the wrong dope runner, MASTADON or croney and ya might end up like Wiley COYOTE when you cross em. Well he comes back, you're in a hurst ridin by slowly en route to your coffin with TRUMETER sounds callin. AVOCET of barbells liftin weight till AUROCHS are light? MUSSELS are good but people SLUG it out differently these days or nights. If a problem is callin for brawlin it's common to solve the SQUAB, by poppin DHOLE in your head like a DOLPHIN. People lost walkin around lookin for your brain like the scareCROW in Oz. Drawin straws man as they vote on a SHOVELER.
Hey shots go through cloth more often as MOTHS when blowin things out of proportion like a PUFFERFISH pissed off. Many BLOODHOUNDS would be proud as a PEACOCK to SNIPE ya like GOLDENEYE or PORTUGUESE MAN OF WAR and get away with it like Dick and the QUAIL story. Or maybe it's different and you're dead from stirring up that HORNETS nest. Some WILD CATS out there with the HARTEBEEST looking at ya sideways like a HAMMERHEAD. You'd be more paranoid than a TARANTULA with arachniphobia and mirrors in his damn web.

Plus an annoying traffic of BARNACLE friends who could be a BUZZARD, only there to LEACH on you like a SPONGE thinking you're on the money as much as a BALD EAGLE on ones. BADGER you and assume you think "Here's a BENJI I got a SPARROW it's ok. I'm not a stubborn MULE. I SERVAL. I dont just take KARAKUL people. I'm a dream WEAVER my silver DOLLARS' flow like WATERBUCKS".
Also gotta watch for SERPENTS, PEEPERS, and CREEPERS. No PEKINGESE. You know, URCHIN fellows who say they have your back hardcore like an ARMADILLO but turn out to be a 2 faced SNAKE in the grass thinking ALPACA COLT .45 and a cigarello and WEASEL in for a GRIZZLY surprise. Start ROBIN the NIGHTJAR filled with your hurd of cash. Shock ya like 8 EELS as you BUSTARDS in your pants hopin they don't CAPUCHINS with CUSCUS words in advance.
You might QUARRION through heaven and hell again wondering when someone with a bigger mouth than a PELICAN might RAT you out to cops when you're on a roll like a ROLLIE POLLIE when he tries to stop. Or Tony HAWK to get you tied up like PUMAS in a knot. They'll MONITOR you and give em MACAW singin like a CANARY on their CRICKET phone. Have ya scrambling quicker than an old FALCONS QB unblocked, when DEA and SERGEANT MAJORS are stampedin through like WILDEBEEST after one knock. Quick to show you what HAMMERKOPS use if you forgot. Forget the PITS, can't say forget the damn cops. They'll know if someone's had a hand in it like LAMBchops. When you get a chain of clientel someone might throw a KINKAJOU. AXOLOTL questions. I know by then you'll milk it for what it's worth like a COW, get cheddar like a MOUSE, then DUCK out like later ALLIGATOR unannounced. Before you're spotted like a LEOPARD in a crowd. While you're thinkin, what can they say to you if you've bounced out like a KANGAROO. Yeah, for all they knew you grew a MULLET and went to Cape COD in your clean new car. ORANGATAN up in Arizona to watch your ANTELOPE near an EMU farm.
EWE, WOODCHUCK from Arkansas do it? I don't know but whatever you do, it should have a PORPOISE. I mean a purpose. Sorry, had a FROG in my throat. Nobody's perfect. I'm not insisting you sit at home and become a HERMIT. But why MONKEY around thinking you're a ringleader knowing it's a FLEA circus?
I don't think you're HERRING me. It's a feeling that sucks like a MOSQUITO. You'll be as embarrassed as an OSTRICH turning pink as a FLAMINGO. Wantin to play POSSUM cuz you're a JACKASS wondering how much it'll cost ya. You cant stand it, your frantic, desperate as a PREYING MANTIS so granted you might GRUNT, SWALLOW, maybe a sigh ANEMONE as you scratch your head at the price more than twice like you have LICE if the BILBY high. You wont panic in the FELINE if your money's right. The fine just might be as small as a DUST MITE. Otherwise ADDER up and the guilt of the drama will eat away at you like BARRACUDA or PIRANHA taking you life on an up and down ride like the MAMBA. Now that you're a MOLE in a hole and can't WORM your way out because they put everything on you except ANCHOVIES or doubt.
Go ahead ADZEBILL. Wanna keep swimming with the SHARKS? AYE AYE go get 'em TIGER, DRAG ON FLY. Get a sample. No get a handful. Get lit as a candle. Be loyal as a DOG to roll dirty as HOGS. But UAKARI more than you can handle, now thats a gamble and you're bound to get bad rolls. Some spots I found it's bad as head and tails like TADPOLES. For example, When the ROLLERS FLICKER lights and sound the SIRENS you feel you MUSKRAT and get away like GAZELLE, hell don't get caught DACHSHUND dirty as speed RACER with kids cuz uhh da OTTER's gone and BISON. This isn't the theatre. Poor little SQUIRTS watchin you ride away as their leader. Oh by the way, besides your own flesh and blood you wont get your GREENBACK or your FLAMEBACK either. Just memories of a great ride that neither can shake off like a seizure.
Stop look I'm not pressing luck or crying WOLF to crooks to get em shook. Just saying lately the cops have got more suckers than an OCTOPUS. That's why if we'd see a COPPERHEAD TORTOISE, or if they notice and get close and approach us, we'd make a BEEline or scatter like ROACHES before they swarm and take us off to 12th n LOCUST to get booked with so much paper work they'd TERRIPIN or Sharpie MARKHOR before the trial. SHARPEI in French. Or TAIPAN a whole lot.
Holy MACKEREL. Let's make a calendar on NARWHAL while fighting Bubba trying to RAM us like a CUB scout in denial. From what I heard most of them MARGAY from being locked up for a while CROCODILE.
Just trying to save you money like that GECKO on Gieco so you aint seeing stripes like a ZEBRA on the Nile. So smile that you're loose. Show your teeth like a WALRUS in a photo booth. No BUFFALO wings, corn on the KOB and SCALLOP potato PIKAS you're a JAILBIRD you silly GOOSE.
Holy ANOLE I know life aint FERRIT could TERN on you anyplace. It throws more at you than BABOONS in a zoo anyways. Just depends on the SHIH TZU get into in a daze. Gonna have to be GRAND DADDY LONG LEGS to hurdle the obsticles most have to go through these days.
Still GUANACO through this wild life? Ask NEWT Gingrich or yourself. Am I in love with Mary Jane from HERON out? If it's Yes...BOLOGNESE See guys and SEA GULLS I think you should scratch that idea like a CHIGGER bite peoples. Say it's yesterday like the BEETLES. Goes for ADDAXS of CAVY, WHIPPETS, or RAILS of whatever, that's your STERGEON general warning even if it was legal.
Wanna quit but can't there is a RAY of hope! If that word nope doesn't work try this. I call it my being a MANDRILL. Try it out. Wear it on. WILLET work I don't know. MANATEES will getcha. No going through more steps than a MILLIPEDE in a marathon. But pay attention young GRASSHOPPER you'll need to imagine Mary Jane as a female in love with thee. But don't hail at her as being pure as a DOVE like some FISH in the sea. Thinking she's a TENRECS your brain. She's a WOMBAT. Let the DAMSELFLY and be free. Don't RETRIEVER. This NYMPH is the OYSTER with no pearl. She's a phoney.
Got a LIZARD, dont PIPER. Say it's LIMPET wont work for her only. Don't SLIDER a 5 like a BARBET to make that SHREW who's been on more than a COCKATOO your PRIMATE and go kissin up her CALF to her PLATYPUS dude. Save your nuts like a SQUIRREL no matter where this HONEY GUIDES you.
Got ACOUCHI don't DUIKER. Build a dam for that busy BEAVER. Turn down everything BUTTERFLY. No cheaters. Treat that COOT like a PIGEON with STD's. ORYX not goanna work either.
You don't grade her an A ORIBI. Don't even give the CHICKADEE. Give her the BIRD and don't GOPHER it, go STAG. You might invision her with HARE prepped as a POODLE, looking beautiful as a SWAN with a CHINCHILLA or MINK coat and a bigger rack than a MOOSE, but ignore the titties it's a BOOBY trap. Forget hooters. Even with HYRAX, HELL BENDER over, ARCHER or ANGLER with a good maneuver. LOOKDOWN and CHECKERSPOT, and you're a TUNA COOTER user.
Your only working for CRABS like SQUIDward or PLANKTON man.
Say, here's some advice, SETTER down and MINIATURE PINSCHER like a LOBSTER. Look good into her eyes, get into ERMINE and say stop dreaming about riding this PONY you HORNY TOAD, you aint gonna ruin my wood like a TERMITE. Hers might. I'm not sayin I have a WOODCOCK or WOODPECKER for a DIK DIK. Just sayin this CHICK wont give you SLIPPERY DICK.
Before the encore and APTERYX all said and done there's a pro AN A CON DA. Which door will you choose? Don't choose the CONDOR. Even if it's the KOMONDOR. Realize the contour of the con tour. Thant's no BULLDOG.

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