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My Love

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IWM# 983

IWM serial ID: 00983

My how time flies when you are in love.
How life’s test and trials almost seem bearable.
You are so close yet so far away as I dream
Of being in your arms again.

Seeing you is like an oxymoron
I see you yet I cannot use all of my five senses
To share all the joy and love I have for you

Continents separate us, oceans divide us,
But through it all God gives us grace
Peace and hope of our reconciliation.

Just know that you have my heart and all things good
I could not give this freely unless the one I chose was
Open to receive.

You are that one person who opened my heart to love again.
You are my one and only this is true my love.

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my love

this is really great! i only hope to find this one day.

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