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"Cold,Cold Ground"

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IWM# 966

IWM serial ID: 00966

I was in the pigpen,ma was baking pies

Pa was by the willow tree,Dans just getting by

Chickens scratching up a storm,hounds barking to heck

Grandpa's cussing in his sleep,ain't nothing wrong with that

We were very happy,poor but proud and true

Never gave no problem, to anyone for sure

Danny was a rebel,untill the letter came

Saying congratulations,greetings from Unle Sam

You've been chosen to stand up and fight

For everything in this world that's right

One very cold December,in 1964

Some military people drove right up to our door

Mama fainted on the floor,and Pa started to cry

Our Danny was no more,I wish I could have died

We put him in the cold cold ground,besides the willow tree

And every day you hear the dogs,keep Danny company

They sing a song of saddness,that makes the willow cry

And every day Ma wastes away,the life gone from her eyes

(C)2009 Oscar Sotuyo Sr.

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i like this song and it's very true. nice job.

this is a touching song. The

this is a touching song. The thing though, its also true. I like that about it. This happens in real life. Good Job

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