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Shattered Prison

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IWM# 941

IWM serial ID: 00941

Shattered Prison
© Broc Ross November 4, 2008

[Riff 1]
Held against the cold bars bars of my existence
Shivers running through my skin, no resistance
The walls begin to close, I'm soon encased by steel
Silent screams echo through my mind, I succumb to - and kneel
Voices from the past, cry out to me
Memories of the lost will haunt me eternally

[Chorus Riff]
Broken pieces rest in my hands, under a trembling sky
Cursing Oden's deadly plans, And I wonder why,
His thunder lit my way and fueled me through my time
And shattered innocence that kept me behind

[Riff 1]
Rivers of emotion reside inside my head,
Refuse to be revealed as they're evaporated,
It's the will of fate that uncovers darkness
And brought onto us on this,
sad day of loss.
Visions imprinted in my memory
that block the path that's set out in front of me

[Chorus Riff]
Scarring wounds disappear, Under a trembling sky
Embracing Oden's deadly wrath, now I know why
His rage burns inside, and opens up my mind

[Riff 2]
I bow down seeking his, decision
Twisted visions cloud over, emotion
Hate is all I feel and now,
Pain is all I'll give,
I've shattered my prison

[Chorus Riff]
Loneliness blown away, under a thundering sky
Pleased by Odin's way, do you know why
His will guides me through a powerful wrath of sins
Sentenced to hate, this is where my death begins

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