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lovve is not for me

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IWM# 92

IWM serial ID: 00092

Verse 1

I wish that I could change how it had to end , I lost more than a lover u were my friend , Tell me wut 2 do , cuz im so confused , this whole love things not 4 me .
Y can't u see , (with out u here)

Chorus x2
I can barely see when its clear as day , my whole worlds torn since u went away , seems like your gone more and more each day , never thought I be here cryin out wuts this about ....

Verse 2

U can't even look me in the eyes , there's nomore truth there's only lies , or love has turned into pure hate ... (wish I could change but its to late)

Y can't we just make things work , no more lies and nomore hurt ..... im cryn out please answer me !!!

chorus - till fade

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Love is not for me

Wow, another nail on the head.

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