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Malaya Mai - Flip The Coin

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IWM# 917

IWM serial ID: 00917

You're lookin' mighty fine
What's your number can I call you up
I'm not like the other girls
I know exactly what I want

Like a deer in my headlights
Fight or flight, baby, don't be stunned.
And lookin' like it's the Cali state
Lottery that you won

Don't be scared baby
I'll show you how it's done
Put your hands in mine
I'll show you real fun
You're like a stop sign
Can't pass you up
Let me flip this coin
Heads you lose
Tails I win this one

I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you
I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you
I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you
I'm 'bout to flip, flip, flip this coin on you

Fly straight, low key & quiet
You're the kind of man that'll last
I've seen it all baby
Done the chicas, champagne & flash

It's time to get down to it
What you got, I'll better than match
You better step it up, boy
If you're not game, then I'll pass


Can't pass you up
You know I called it
You won me over
It must be luck

It's much too much
Too late for you
Cashin' it in
Nothin' that you can do
Nothin' that you can do

Nothin' you can do!


Heads you lose
Tails I won
Too bad for you
I won't flip another one

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I live in a hick town not far from Akron, Ohio. My bro is pretty good when it comes to music...but hes unreliable. Never wants to work and when he says we will we never get anything whatever. My genre is mainly more alternative/christian rock. I try at least to write stuff that fits what I want to say.

Thank you for the Flip The Coin comment!

Thank you so much for your positive review of my debut single! I know exactly where you're coming from. It took me awhile to find someone as well. I was lucky...the producer I found knows the importance of networking and has introduced me to soooo many people in the industry. Do you live in a major city? What's your genre?


Good Stuff

This is some of the best quality stuff I've heard on hear. I've been tryin to work together some musical talent to help me put some music to my stuff, but I can't seem to find anyone....but whatever about me, just keep it up

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