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Whats New With You By Danny Baty

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not much

mornin' Danny,hows it going? This is another great,easy listening song,as country and personal as the others,that I've heard.Really love them.I'm still waiting on a new comp.,so I can download your songs.Have a great day,I'll be in touch.Shelly R.W.

"What's New With You"

Hey, Danny:
Keep playin' man, your music is so sweet. I like this one it's so smooth. So, what's new with you? Got any gigs lined up? You're more than good! The songs I've listened to so far are awesome! Do you have a cd of your songs made up yet? Have you tried Nashville? This is so refreshing to listen to. I love it when I can hear the lyrics and listen to the music as well.
Keep goin', someday soon. Oh, can I be the first to have your autograph? ha. I like what I hear.
Rose E. Ewoldt

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