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Blow Me Away

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IWM# 845

IWM serial ID: 00845

“Blow Me Away”
(Danny D. Baty)

Verse I
Took you picture off the wall
And I’m laying here with my head on the phone,
Aint no memory ever got to me like this.
Kinda like that shot of whiskey,
I kinda like that cigeratte,
Few memories on my mind,
I’ll never , never forget.

You gotta blow me away.
Gotta blow me away.

Verse II
You know I’ve always been a dreamer.
Wear my heart and soul in the palm of my hand.
But baby just like that,
We where this and we where that.
Like the sun on a hot summer day.

You gotta blow me away.
Gotta blow me away.

Verse II
You know I’m just a music man.
Take what I can get anytime I can.
I want you to be my melody.
Be my life , all of me.
Gotta ride it hard or it wont last.

You gotta blow me away,
Like the wind.
Blow me away,
Like I never been.
Blow me away,
Like that eagle flying high in the sky tonight.
Blow me away,
Blow me away,
Blow me away.
© danny d baty 7/11/2007

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really good vocals and

really good vocals and lyrics,I would listen to you.It's great to see an artist put the truth in their lyrics,not just what they think we want to hear.
I have a couple of (guy) songs.if you are interested.Another Nowhere Town and Colder Than them if you have the time.You might be surprised,how deep I can get into my man's head,haha

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