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!Addicted to day dreaming by !Yuliya Johnson

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IWM# 830

IWM serial ID: 00830

You got to tell me how you feeling
Cause I can't quiete read your mind
You got me staring at the ceiling
Thinking I am about to lose my mind

F# C#
I am addicted to this feeling
I am addicted to day dreaming
With my head in the clouds
Got my head in the clouds

So please tell me how you feeling
Cause i can't take this anymore
Oh please tell me when you're sober
Without dropping your pants on the floor


So please tell me how you feeling
when i am sober
And I don't lose my cloth
Tell me you've been waiting for me
Tell me you've been needing me


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addicted to day dreaming

i really liked how you composed the chorus, especially when "i'm addicted to this felling" came and how you sang the word to; it sounded very cool. one suggestion i have is don't push your voice. at the end when you did "i got my head in the clouds" it sounded like you were kinda pushing it on head. it didn't sound bad; i just seemed like that was your breaking point. ultimately, you did a fantastic job!

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