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Alive & I Can Fly

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IWM# 822

IWM serial ID: 00822

Do you hear that? Thats right there's no sound.
Do you sense that? It's because my life has been drowned.
It's all your fault, you robbed me.
It's all your fault, i wonder how my
life could be.

Make me feel alive, i need someone by my side.
Someone to help me when i feel weak inside to
help me fly!

Do you feel that? There's no heartbeat.
Do you see that? There's no life in me.
It's all your fault, You robbed me.
I said it's all your fault,
I wonder how my life could be.

Make me feel alive, i need someone by my side
Someone to guide me when im losing it,
Someone to help me fly.

I feel, so empty inside
(it's because of you)
I feel, like i walk among the undead
(it's because of you)
You left me, to lie in the dark all by my self.
And i need, Someone to help me up out of here.

I feel alive, That someone is by my side.
That someone is the love of my life, and he's
breathing me life, he's helping me fly.
NO! You didn't win this time, Cause you see iam
alive and i could fly.
OHH, i'm alive and i could fly.

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Veronika mya'lynn Peters

Veronika mya'lynn Peters

thank you. your songs are good too.


Good job..

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