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Stabbed in the heart (where it hurts the most)

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IWM# 806

IWM serial ID: 00806

As it beeps louder
Then the beeps fade
The single green line
I seen on the screen
Made my heart drop to
Below the knee
The world stopped for her
But not for me
I held her hands in mine
I touched her on the cheek
The nurse came in and tried
Taking her from me
I said she aint going nowhere
She’s staying by my side
I fell to my knees and said
Take me it’s my time

Because you can’t just take her and
Not take me
It’s a two for one deal cant you see
Without her by my side I will be lost
It was true love you've broken, it wasn’t just lust
I need her help right now to help me out
You took the flame from my heart and
Torn it apart
It wasn’t ment to be like this
Not her time to go
Give her back to me right now
Give me a miracle, I don’t care how

I can’t even see cause the tears in my eyes
I have so many questions now, especially why!
You tortured me so much.
Growing up was real bad
You know what I been through cause
You made it that way
What have I asked from you?
Nothing at all
In order for this to happen
My soul took a hard fall
I can’t handle anymore
I already cracked
My bedroom window is on the floor
And stabbed myself with glass

So as my heart beats louder and fades away
I know it was the right thing
To have it the same
Two lives for the price of one
I know she’ll understand what I done
Being with her brings me to life
Now I could get married
Dead groom and dead wife


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awwww, thanks alot. That means a lot to me. I'll take that into consideration


Thank you for likeing it. Yeah, it was just a typo, i have it fixed on my lyrics. Yeah your right, it would sound good in soft acoustic rock, you have good taste

great song!

definately needs to be done with a soft acoustic rock ...i loved it man. :)

one line that kinda needs to be fixed tho if it aint to much
"It was true love you broken, it wasn’t just lust"
did you mean you've?

stabbed in the heart (where it hurts the most)

just to let you know i am crying right now. you always have very heart felt lyrics. don't you ever stop writing.

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