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Why Don't You?

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Why Don't You?

scars still remain
after cuts and wounds heal
stay there and mark my heart
where it's tender to the touch
tender with every look

scars still remain
from many things
that happened at that moment when
i didn't make any sense
said things i didn't mean
wanted you to be with me
but come on baby
it would have never happened
can you see
that i still want to believe?
can you see
that i still wanna have hope?
can you tell
that i make a wish
on every star that i get?
but it wouldn't have worked out
oh i thought it would
no no no
no no no

i can believe
give it all my hope
make wishes on every star that i get
but all i got is a moment when
nobody made any sense

does anyone make sense?

can you hear
what i'm tryin' to say?
do you hear me at all?
are you just gonna stand there
and pretend
that the moment didn't happen?
that it never existed?

come on
why don't you make any sense?
why don't you? why can't you?
why don't you make any sense?

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thanks shelly!!!

thank you sooo much. i absolutley love any feedback i can get; it's all helping me grow as a writer,

why don't you

HI, I really like the honest emotion and the questioning way you got you point across.Don't let nothing stop your progress.A new fan! Shelly R.W.

thnks you guys!!!

thank you kyrah, yuli, and songwritingdrumfreak for giving me the courage to post this.
thanks you guys!!!

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