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Still Try

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IWM# 8

IWM serial ID: 00008

Verse 1:

I can be ur spider man
u can be my mary jane
We can lay here holdin hands
or we can play out in the rain
It dont matter to me
just as long as that we still feel the same together
yea, we started out rough but always had enough
i couldnt ask for nothin better
And now that u got my heart
i dont really know wats goin on
i never felt these emotions before
that im feelin right now so strong
i wanna be wit you, never wanna leave you
cuz ur my lovely lady
so put the bad in the past and we can start off new
please babe dont keep me waiting
lets start a life together
its just you and me
i wanna u right i wanna make u scream
i know im missin u cuz i see u in my dreams
ur all i think about, u cant stay mad at me
and i dont know wat i did to make u turn around
just let me talk to u, im sure that we can work it out
i know were deeper than this babe we gotta be
why am i standin alone when u said ud never leave?


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