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An Ocean Voyage... A Real Journey

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IWM# 79

IWM serial ID: 00079

Message in a bottle:
When this reaches you, I'll be gone.
I left. And I'm not sorry
I've found better company alone.

We said, "I trust you. You touch me."
That's not what I feel anymore.
We said, "I love you. You need me."
That's not what I feel anymore.

This thing I threw away stopped being true long ago.
That's all.
That's all.

We both found meaning in dreaming,
but never woke to find the truth.
We were so afraid we'd never find someone like us.
I guess we're still afraid.

Some things aren't as real as they seem.
I don't dream that dream anymore.
I dropped it like a rock, and let it sink.
It's not what I want anymore.

Nothings lasts forever.
Not even stars. Not even sighs.
Not even this.
Letters and suede roses
never will reach anyone.
Never will reach anyone.

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