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'Never bid a promise you can't keep'

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IWM# 77

IWM serial ID: 00077

I see the passion in your eyes;
For they glisten with fervour.
But tell me what moulded them;
Is it dream or reality?
I feel the promise in your words;
For they gush out with force.
But tell me what moulded them;
Is it dream or reality?

Wishes build up our dreams;
And we think they are life.
But life has other plans for us;
No matter how hard we object.

Now tell me;
Do your eyes still glisten?
Do your words still gush out?
What moulds them now;
Is it dream or reality?
Do your eyes still see passion?
Do your words still feel promise?
what moulds them now;
Is it dream or reality?

Youth draws in on hopes;
And let us believe in them.
But life is headstrong against fantasies;
Even if we make them seem true.

World knows fully life's opposites;
However we dream together of a fairy land;
Till they shatter and we are left with their wreaks.
But your eyes and words still flatter me;
And put me into a trapping trance.

Life is one and dreams are many;
Intuition warns you against silly foibles;
But instinct is far beyond your inner voice.
Still conscience is sure to prick you later;
So never bid a promise you can't keep.

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RE: thanx a lot for the comments

hey, really i never thought that people look into this website. it seems so dry here. but thanx for the comments......

RE: amazing work

hey, buddy! good work. is the song complete? i mean is it only lyrics or a complete song with music? anyways a music has to be there for this. i really loved it.

RE: really superb

i really liked your song. i wish i could hear it as a song. keep up the good work.

RE: an excellent work................

it's really an excellent song.............i hope it will be made into a song sooner or later.........well done friend...........keep up the good work........

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