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My Suicide

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IWM# 74

IWM serial ID: 00074

Monsters pulling me under
Under the lava of my hate
Welcoming me to my suicide
A nightmare worth dreaming
Coming under the suicide
My suicide
The screaming of death coming over me in my sleep
Under the blacken fire of my hate
Crimson all over the floor
A nightmare I can’t get out of
My hate has taken over my world
Under me to my suicide
I’m leaving my mind to become you
My Suicide
I’ll give up the world for my suicide
The darkness has taken over me
My suicide
The screaming of death coming over me in my sleep
Death every where I turn
A world of darkness I can’t escape
Turning me into my nightmare
Losing my self in the suicide
Killing me
Putting me in my suicide
My heart cries for death
My body cries for life
Can I go?
Go away?
Go to the darkness?
Go to My Suicide?

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Great lyrics!

I want to hear it! Powerful stuff!

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