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Dear Dad

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IWM# 739

IWM serial ID: 00739

  • Artist: Austin
  • Title: Dead Dad
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 3:07 minutes (2.5 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 112Kbps (CBR)

Yeah Dad you always made me mad,
You pushed me to the point of doin something bad,
In a way I wish you were still here,
Like it was before your favorite pastime became beer,
But I'm just bein real and your gone,
And its been a real struggle for me to move on,
But I've felt like youve been dead for so long,
And mom keeps tellin me to stay strong,
To be honest sometimes I feel glad that your dead,
Nobody got to go to sleep feelin dread,
You made mom leave and it was so hard to think,
With you always staying up late with your drink,
You tore away everything I once held close,
And I'm not sure which emotion I hate the most,
Ive kept everything bottled up for so long,
And the only way to express it alls through this song,
But if your up there with the stars looking down at me,
The only thing I really want you to see,
Is me feeling happy and glad that I'm free,
So I'm just trying to say that someone had to pay,
And Im letting you know I'm going my own way,


Now Ive made it this far,
Ive finally raised the bar,
Ive got a steady job writing raps for a start,
I Wonder what your feelings would be,
Would you still be as cold or be happy for me,
Honestly I wish you could have seen,
Life from someone elses perspective for a change,
But in the end the bottle took your life,
You gave in to drinking without even a fight,
And sometimes Ill miss you I aint gonna lie,
But I just can't get past the way that you died,
It was twelve at night and you were coming back from the store,
Not sober at all, and still drinking more,
You drove in a stupor and there was no way,
That you could have made it home alive anyway,
So I'm telling you now I feel pity for you,
I miss you dad but I aint sure if mom misses you too,
But with you gone, got only one thing to do,
Move on with my own life and not grow up to be just like you

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About Dad

The will to survive your childhood and your Dad's addiction,will help you to achieve,in your life,what your Father could only achieve with the bottle.I'm sorry,for your loss.But,through that loss you have found your own way.Maybe,your experiences can help the ones who spiral down their Father's path.Be proud of who you have become Shelly R.W.


I know what its like to loose a father... and not really knowing if it was a good or bad thing because of the stuff they put you through.

Good Job

comment on dear dad

excellent. you did a fantastic job ont the music and lyrics.


this is awesome.

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