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Rise To The Top

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IWM# 738

IWM serial ID: 00738

Hes been disrespected since the age of five,
And its been a struggle just stayin alive,
Theres never enough food on the table in his house,
And when he turned fifteen he got kicked out,
To fend for himself and his younger bro,
Reality is hes got to get this show on the road,
So he turns back from dealing crack,
Its time to get some respect back,
Moneys on his mind hes got to make some cash,
So he takes a step forward and starts to write raps,
At first he starts rappin on the side of the streets,
But soon hes made it on to the local stage with his beats,
Hes got the talent,motivation, and willm
His raps really show determination and skill,
Another year passes before he starts to get seen,
By other new rappers and hes in on the scene,
Now hes got enough cash to provide for his brother,
But he dont got enough time to speak to his mother,
Now hes got his own album and a new rap name,
Hes been meeting with young jeezy even lil' wayne
His songs are on the radio almost every day,
Hes got a new crib and hes about to get paid,
Hes gone from bein broke to filthy rich,
His old life he ain't never gonna miss,
And he could care less if them haters get pissed,
This raps just a story about rising to the top,
You ain't gotta be respected or the cream of the crop,
If you got dreams man better for for em soon,
You just might aim for the stars but instead hit the moon,
Now hes living in New York with the best of the best,
Just another young rapper with his story of success

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comment on rising to the top.

i really like these lyrics and the music. you're doing a fantastic job!

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