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My Life

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IWM# 737

IWM serial ID: 00737

  • Artist: Austin
  • Title: My Life
  • Length: 4:46 minutes (3.27 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 22kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

My lifes been a struggle to control and to tame,
theres been so many times I've felt anger and pain,
Dads always gone and moms never here,
And I've been prayin that someday help would appear,
But I know that someday Ill find a way,
Somebody's got to pay but I'll take the blame,
Cause wit my brother in jail and me in the hopper,
Aint no other way than to be a show-stopper,
Its my life thats become screwed up and wrecked,
Its my life that been crazy and all in a mess,
Its my life that I've got to confess,
When I've cleaned up my act I know I'll feel fresh,
Cause tommorow's another day to start over new,
To my homies and my family I gotta stay true,
And at this time in my life I know what I gotta do,
I've got to step it up and be honest wit you,
I've been lyin and makin you cryin,
Mom you gotta know that Ima start tryin,
Get myself off the ground and start flyin,
Its time the people I love stop dyin,
In this world Ima make a splash, start earnin cash,
Ive been too trashed, lifes goin by in a flash,
But its my time, my names been called,
And I just can't afford to delay or to fall,
Its my life thats getting better by the minute,
Its my life thats going to have success written in it,
Its my life and Im gonna win it,
Im already halfway and Im gonna reach the finish,
You aint gotta be rich or the top of heap,
Sometimes motivations the only thing that you need,
So forget the past and live for the present,
This lifes all you got so watch how you spend it,
Growing up in the hard life didnt stop me,
I turned things around and now I feel free,
Man if it looks like you got nowhere to turn,
Just listen to this song and lesson be learned,
Theres so many broke folks livin the hard life,
But just stand strong dont go down without a fight,
And if you think what Im saying aint true,
Just know above all I got faith in you.

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ya hes a greay song writter

ya hes a great song writter u can be come big 1 day just make sure u write

comment on my life

once again, fantastic job. i think you have a great chance to become a lyricist/musician. you always do a fantastic job.
Loving your work,

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