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Dads Here For You Katie

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Katy I know lifes been hard with daddy always gone, but Im just trying to provide for us by writing songs,
My plan for us has been based on hopes and dreams,
Im thinking about you all the time cause baby were a team
And I know you miss your mom but I miss her too
And thats why we moved to New York to start life anew
And though its been a struggle I know well make it through
Cause Ive just gotta pave the way for me and you
I want a life for you thats not as hard,
As it was for me but I still carry the scars


I know I can make it, its my time to shine,
Ima brighten our life, its set in my mind,
And I'm flyin to D.C to publish a new rap,
Soon Ill be travelin all over the map,
Cause if I get this contract then baby were set,
Daddys gonna give it his best and get us out of this mess,
Well be livin the good life, the one we never had,
Cause I aint lettin it be bad and I hate to see you sad,
In the past Ive been looked down on and overlooked,
But its damn about time I get my name in the books,
Ive got to get noticed, it rides on my dreams,
for you to be happy and my raps to get seen,
And I feel like Im so close I just want to to scream,
If I get these songs published they'll all know what I mean,
Now two years have passed since I went to D.C,
And I feel like money really grows on a tree,
Cause I'm gettin paid every week and my minds on the fritz,
Writing new songs and we get to stay at the Ritz,
I can't belive how we left our old life in the dust,
It makes me think someone's looking out for us,
And in a few days your going to be eleven,
And I wonder if your mom's smiling down on us from heaven,
Yeah the word on the street is I'm back on my feet,
Got a good home to live in and enough to eat,
And as you get older Ill be starting to think,
That this opportunity comes rarley and I don't want to blink,
Cause I dont want this life to disappear, it all be a dream,
But reality is we've made it farther than I could have ever seen,
And Katie I just want you to know that I'm proud,
of you my little soldier just toughing it out,
And I believe that in life I can't break but I'll bend,
And I hope you live life happy until the very end,
But when your out there int he big world all on your own,
I hope you remember me a dad who tried to give us a good home,
So live for the moment and prepare for the future,
I hope witht his lesson I've been a good teacher,
And I know you'll dream big like your dad tried to do,
But you'll always have me there watchin' over you,
Yeah this raps just a song bout a period in my life,
when I had to fight to get through those hard times,
With a daughter to protect and a life that was stale,
Theres just no way that I could afford to fail,
My thoughts were that if I tried then just maybe,
I could give a better life to my Katie,
Yeah now lifes better and it don't feel so crazy,
Cause I can stay home now and just talk to my baby.

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comment on dads here for you katie

beautiful. i love your work. fantastic job. still that doesn't even begin to describe it. your work is touching.
still lovin' it,

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