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Christmas Surprise

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IWM# 696

IWM serial ID: 00696

The kids are all sleepin’ tonight,
Dreaming ‘bout tomorrow, dreaming ‘bout their Christmas surprise.
Anticipating will she get her brand new baby doll
And will he get his brand new bike

Trimmin’ the tree, sippin’ on coffee,
You’re wrapping a gift, I’m filling a stocking
And you can’t hear a sound,
Just the crackling of the fire as it warms the house,
And the smell of cinnamon and pine

This will always be my favorite time of the year
So many memories all around us,
So many more we’ll make here

Now me and the wife, sit close by the fire
We don’t say much we’re just too tired
And when I turn off the light,
She says I love you then I kiss her good night
And whisper everything is all right

It’s early in the mornin’ the kids are all yawnin,’
Runnin’ downstairs, runnin’ to their Christmas surprise
Anticipating, did she get her brand new baby doll?
And did he get his brand new bike

All that I ask for is that you stay mine, and love me for a
Long, long time. A long, long time

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comment on christmas surprise by teddy g

i really loved your voice and the music to this piece! you did a fantastic job on dynamics and the sprinkle of the music. I had pictures al through this song. great job!

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