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Behind Your Eyes

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Behind Your Eyes

you wear a smile
painted on your face
you think life is just easier
that way
but what does it mean
if you can't trace
the thoughts behind
your eyes?

your eyes filled with a color
and a light
that stands out
so differently
but you can't even see
what's inside
behind your eyes

you say you have a black cloud
follows you
always with you
until you admit
that you just can't quit

behind your eyes
it's a mystery
behind your eyes
your eyes
are filled with
black and emptiness
black and emptiness

they're filled with a fog
you can't even see through
and you can never tell
what's inside
behind your eyes

behind your eyes
is that where the pain hides?
behind your eyes
is that where secrets lie?
behind your eyes
locked away
so the world can't see
the feelings that are behind
your eyes

they are hiding behind your eyes

hiding behind your eyes

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thanks yuli

thank you. i've been trying new styles of writing and that means alot.


thats really really deep

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