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Honeybranch Cave

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IWM# 634

IWM serial ID: 00634

(vs1) Well there's a lil ol place outside my home town if your looking for love thats where it can be found, you drive through Sparta on ol 14 and the Bruner post office will soon be seen, you keep on driving past the Elkhead store and ya don't slow down till you see the billboard, that says Honeybranch cave.
(chourus) You'll see trees, flowers and a little waterfall, i could keep on going but never say it all, you can take a hike with your new girlfriend or take the love of your life and fall in love again, down at Honeybranch cave.
(vs2) Now you make a right down the dusty dirt road and you drive on past the ol Hendrix home, the road gets rough so you gotta drive slow but, it won't take long before you know, your'e at Honeybranch cave.
(vs3) You know this place was shown to me by my highschool flame i've been back a few times but, it ain't the same, i see her face on every path we walked and i hear her voice when the waterfalls talk. I swore to myself, when i was younger i was gonna marry that girl some day, maybe i will, matbe i won't but, we'll always have Honeybranch cave.
(chourus 1 1/2 fade out)

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This song was amazing. It felt like i was actually there living it.

comment on honeybranch cave by 421mikey

is this a real place? it sounds beautiful. you did a good job painting a picture for me to see as i was reading it.

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