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midnight sky

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IWM# 627

IWM serial ID: 00627

Midnight Sky

I know you don’t understand
I know your hurting too
I didn’t get what you said to me
That our love wasn’t true
Just to think about you, is killing me inside
It torn right threw my heart, every single time
You left me in the darkness
You left me with all this pain

You’re my midddd niggght sky
Yes you are
Every time I look up,
You’re the twinkle in the night
Your beauty is shown, in front of my eyes
Just explain to me again
What had went wrong
I was devoted to you
I’ve showed you my love

You’re my midddd nigggght sky
Yes you are
Every time I look up, you’re the shiver
Of my spine
It’s so cold and empty
Filled with misery
I don’t need the weight
Of the world on my back
So I have to look toward the future
And learn to accept the past

You’re the reason why, I acted like I did
Whacha mean
You’re the cause of all this drama
Stop playing all these games
You accused me of cheating behind your back,
You gave me limited freedom,
Our love would’ve never last

Maybe if you never snuck around,
I wouldn’t think the things
You had guys at the house
Every time I had went away
I was at work, thinking that you loved me
You tell me some stupid story
Like he’s from church, saving you
From purgatory

That’s what I mean
You say I can’t have friends
I’m bombarded with this boredom
I’m allowed to have a life
There’s no need to be tied down
There are others that really care
I don’t care anymore, I am leaving,
Try to stop me

If they were your friends, I’ve should’ve known of them
No need to sneak around at times
Especially in my bed.
Do you really think that they will let you in their
Life and in their homes
There just looking for a booty call 9 times out of 10
Do what you want, I’m also through
I’m starting my life over, starting over new

You’re my midddd nigggght sky
Yes you are
You’re the reason why I cry,
I’m up every night
Thinking about you,
It is over I am through
Deven McKenna

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your welcome

your welcome.
if you ever get a chance could you read my lyrics? it would mean soo much, thanks!!!!!


hey, thanks alot, i really appreciate it :)

comment on midnight sky

i love the choruses and how you changed the words everytime. i like this song! good job.

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