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That Changed Everything

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That Changed Everything

deep in my soul
i feel regret
i feel unguided
i feel like i shouldn't
have made that decision
should've though it ove more
a couple of times before...

i typed the message
sent the question
put you on the spot
now everything has changed
and i feel it's all my fault

i can't even look at you
without thinking
how sorry i am for........

typing that message
that sent you a question
putting you on the spot
and it changed everything

how you look at me
how you act around me
even what you say
i should've thought it over more
a couple of times before...

i typed the message
sent the question
that changed

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oh thanks

oh that's kind of what happpened to me. except mine was really embarrasing!!

Sorry I guess I was abit vague!

When I use yahoo messenger to talk with someone. I have discovered that once you hit enter they can see it not matter what. You can't delet the messege. I told someone I loved them on there and at that moment wished I could take it back. lol

So I know the feeling of this song because that's what it reminds me of! :D



Reminds me...

of yahoo, did you know that if you hit enter you can't delete it! lol

I know this feeling all too well!

thanks yuliya!

thank you thank you thank you!! i appreciate your comment sooo much. i listened to some of your audio today and i really liked it. i'm not sure which one though. what do you need to record and post?


Definetly something that we all done in our lifetime more than once I am sure everyone will agree, so its definetly something everyone can relate too cause there are times when we wish we kept something a secret :0 good job

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