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IWM# 59

IWM serial ID: 00059

Put the chalice to your lips

The scorching iron burns and rips

I watch you choke down posioned sips

Skin drips fever down your face

Drowning in the blackest lace

Give up Dear, You've lost your place

Your cimson smile Bleeds Bloodlust

And your silver eyes have begun to rust

The distorted beauty shant be hushed

Your arms have twisted, your scalp will tear

Covered by your charcoal hair

Ashes Ashes Youll fall down

Hauntingly Lovely, you shant make sound

But if you did, darling who would hear?

The dying children deaf from fear?

Im sorry sweety, youll never die

Broken, more beautiful, cant bleed goodbye

Ashes Ashes Youll fall down

Shattered Porcelin on Broken Ground

If you smile, your skin shall break

Your heart still beats but you'll never wake

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I lovve this , its so real

I lovve this , its so real but u can actually picture what your sayn as if your watching it unfold infront of you ....

Very creativve gud work !!!!

Anasia b

wow thats deep love ur

wow thats deep
love ur vocab, well chosen

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