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Beer and Good Cheer

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IWM# 589

IWM serial ID: 00589

The lights went out
The phone is dead
And my van's on the other side of town
The rent is due
The cat is pregnant
And my neighbor's don't want me around...

I'm going to the bar
For a shot of whiskey
Maybe a beer or two
I need to relax
I've gotta get away
It's somethin' I have to do.

There's a place we can go
For beer and good cheer
"So nice to see ya here!"
Where the drinks always flow
And pool can be found
Music and laughter's all around...

I go inside
And see a pretty girl
At the end of the bar lookin' blue
I say, "Hello!"
She turns to me
"Can I tell my problems to you?...

My husband ran off!
I lost my job!
And I just broke a fingernail!
I can't watch the tube
For I just been robbed!
And my daddy's goin' to jail!"

Drinks can cure any problems you have
'til the next day
The lights are on
The phone is workin'
And your car's in the driveway
"Drinks can solve all your troubles..., don't laugh!"
So the drunks say
"The rent is paid
The cat's not pregnant
And your neighbors think you're okay!"


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comment on beer and good cheer

it's a good song, but, alcohol doesn't solve all your problems. it's a funny song it makes me laugh. =)

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