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i feel in the dark

a shadow in my soul

and you have the power

to take it out

you have the power to make me see.....

that i have always had

everyhting i need

you make sure that i'm yours

you make me feel like

something special

it's just

indescribable - indescribable

what you do for me

when it's raining

all i need is a smile

it turns everyhting around


makes me see

you dig deep

won't give up

you'll take the time

to get to know

to get to know the real me

the one that not everybody sees

the one that is hidden

down somewhere

the one that knows

i've got somebody there

i always have everything i need

as long as you're with me

the feeling is indescribable

it's just indescribable


it's indescribable

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you really think so? i've been trying to capture feelings in my work, but it's hard for me to see it since it already has ameaning to me.


That feel definetly comes through in the song!

reply comment on indescribable

no i don't have any recordings. what do you need to record and how would you put it on? thank you sooo much for commenting!

can relate

this is a very sweet song.. I would love to hear it though.. do you have any recordings on here?

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